Why should I use GatsbyJS instead of WordPress and Ghost CMS for build my website


Ghost CMS

  • Open source “free”.
  • Fast, because it is built with modern technologies allowing faster loading time.
  • Easy, flexible and secure.
  • Very good and great user experience, text editor supports HTML / Markdown, images and many more things.
  • You can invite whoever you want to write and edit with you.
  • It provides many different additives.
  • Archiving (SEO) is fast and optimized.
  • Provides API’s for your site that you can associate with any other software.
  • It does not support right-to-left RTL. Also, the control panel does not contain the Arabic language.


Why didn’t I use Wordpress as a blogging platform?

My experience with Ghost

  • The Ghost platform is more helpful for those who do not find problems paying the amount of hosting to run and prefer ease and simplicity and “reduce headache” with the philosophy of techniques, installation problems, and others.
  • It is geared towards businesses and helps them manage their blogs easily and securely.

My experience with Gatsby


  • Ease of use, deployment and maintenance.
  • Operating expenses.
  • Advance technical background.
  • Desired goal.
  1. Suppose you want ease of use, a ready-made text editor, maintenance, templates, continuous publishing, features such as adding other editors with you, and good operating expenses. In that case, Ghost is 100% suitable for you.
  2. If you are building a blogging platform, and later you want to develop your site to serve other areas such as adding a store for sale, purchase, reservations, etc. Your technical background is simple, you should use Wordpress, and there is no need to use the second platforms and waste more time, effort and money.
  3. If you want a fast, simple, feature-limited blog, cheap running costs, use second software to cover the shortcomings like a text editor and have good technical expertise, I recommend Gatsby. I think it is sufficient and appropriate for you, And later you can develop it to whatever you want. You can even link it to software like Strapi or Netlify Forms, among others.



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Abdelhadi D.

Abdelhadi D.

Product Designer & Front-end Developer, RTL & Arabic Lang Specialist.