I had questions about using the Gatsby blogging platform instead of WordPress or Ghost CMS and others, so I thought I would do my full experience and why I chose it in boring detail so that others can benefit from this reference and know in its next guide which platforms to choose and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

I will try to simplify the post in a language that everyone with a simple technical background can understand. …

Today, I want to share with you my latest work; I modified and set the Casper template to fully support right-to-left orientation just as it accepts adding any language via locales. This is useful if you write in a language like Arabic or Hebrew, Persian, for example, and you want your visitors to view the articles and the blog in the right direction.
Easily add your language by editing the locale file and translating the sentences, and your site will become RTL.


Enter this link “Casper RTL (Multi Languages)” and download the Casper-rtl.zip file from the dist folder.


Abdelhadi Djafer

Product Designer & Front-end Developer, RTL & Arabic Lang Specialist.

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